Is AMP importance in web design?

Is AMP importance in web design?What is AMP? Why we need AMP in web design development? Is it vital for our websites?

There are so many doubt raise in Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP). Here we’ll explain everything about AMP and its importance.

Firstly we learned about what is AMP?

AMP is prevalently known as Accelerated Mobile Page. AMP is the project launched by Google in October 7, 2015, after one year it became in trends. This project created for optimized websites as user-friendly.

Google user doesn’t stay across a slow website that takes a long time to load, has a messy design, or a confusing layout. By using AMP solved this issue. The main aims of AMP is not only reducing loading time but also optimizing as simple website design that is user-friendly. Its also includes high-quality content, seamless mobile compatibility, proper formatting, and defines suitable audiences.

If your website is more friendly to Google user. Google makes more priority in SERP (Search Engine Rank Pages) and also improve your ranking in search results.

AMP works on every single page of a website that coded with an AMP-style structure, which optimizes into the original structure to lighter structure. Lighter structure means in AMP is not as many elements are allowed within AMP pages, CSS it is only allowed directly on the HTML, and JavaScript is not allowed at all. The primary purpose of the AMP project is to prioritize speed and readability.

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Some principle that AMP uses for minimizing loading speed of websites are :

  • Lazy loading
  • Using preconnect
  • Prefetching resources
  • Async Javascript
  • Inline style sheets
  • No downloadable fonts
  • Resource prioritization

Why is AMP important for any website?

Past few years, smartphones users increase day by day. On the survey, there are approximately 2.71 billion smartphone users, which is 35.13% of the world’s population using smartphones. This number increases by passing days because now the trends of the internet, electronic gadgets, phones are growing. If you are looking for more engagement and traffic in your site, speed is one of the factors.

Is anyone have the patience to wait for load site pages? The answer is NO, and No one likes to sit around and wait to load a website, especially on our phones. Slow loading pages is very annoying for visitors, and also in the survey, there are 40% users leave a site if its take more than 3 seconds to load a website.

Don’t surprise it’s true and this maybe happened to you. Three seconds sounds very low, but by human natures, waiting for anything is very difficult. More load time also affects SEO ranking.

For improving and engaging sites, there must be low load time. This only works when we’ll using AMP and its all the framework. Through AMP framework optimizes sites pages in a simple structure which shows only crucial data to users and also optimizes lazy loading images .lazi loading images means images optimize in such a way users see only if scroll down the pages otherwise only content shows.

Here If you have high site speed, and engaging content, your SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) will increase and also improving ranking which results get more traffic with a low bounce rate that you may receive.

Also, there are many benefits of having AMP framework on sites

Improve Google Rankings: 

As you know, speed is a significant component in Google’s search rankings that mean if you should get faster your pages load, the better you will rank in organic search results.

Better User Engaging Experience: 

Faster-loading pages become a better user engaging experience, and that means better conversion rates, lower bounce rates, user spend more time on your site, more repeat visitors/business and, in the long term, a better reputation with customers on the whole that mean greater customer satisfaction

Top on the Search Results: 

Google, by default AMP pages sites, shows on the top of the search results. As you see, when you search on google, there have some pages which a little lightning bold icon. That icon means the pages have AMP Framework and therefore its show on top and give you more priorities and boost.


From the above discussion, its conclude that websites must be in AMP and its robust framework. The ability to load your site pages faster than ever can easily attract more users, and if you strategically take advantage of this tool, you can quickly increase your site rankings within SEO. It is a factor to use this tool not only because it creates more traffic or engagement, but because it is also extremely simple to install in websites.

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