With Regards,

Mr. Nemi Mangal (Co-founder & Managing director)

It feels great pleasure to welcome you at WDP Technologies Pvt. Ltd. It is been long journey from last 10 years, When we were just a start up and today have transformed our existence into an experienced IT company. With the idea of providing strong technology base to businesses, we have built ourselves brick by brick into a full-fledged Website and mobile development company

Our aim to narrow down this margin between need of quality IT Service and customer reach. We achieve this goal through the strategic demographic placing of our offices.

Today, We offer a blanket of technology solutions to clients and help them grow at a faster pace. As a technology expert and responsible part of society, We have come up with innovative technology solutions from time to time, for the better development of society.

Our technical team ensures that your requirement is 100% satisfied and you get a web and mobile experience with our service. We are a team with international quality within your local reach.

“It is not about the choice between using or not using technology. The challenge is to use it right.”

With Regards,

Mr.Anil Jain (Co-founder & CEO & Executive Director)

I, On behalf of WDP Technologies Team, welcome you .

We were founded in10 year ago, And admittedly we are young in the IT solutions space. But in this short span, We have emerged as a vibrant and dynamic provider of Web Development Services and Mobile application Solutions, Boasting of a growing band of reputed clients.

We are also blessed with a robust support network of skilled employees, Who have been the vertebra of the company. WDP Technologies has assiduously courted a culture of mentoring and nurturing self- driven leaders. Industry stalwarts are our role models, And rewards are given for our outstanding performance.

Our performance distinctiveness is uniquely defined by our work culture and everything we do. Our culture begins with our four values that drive everything we do – Trust,Integrity, Innovation and Involvement.

Our distinctiveness is uniquely defined by our work culture and four values that drive everything we do – Trust, Integrity, Innovation and Involvement.