The Latest Trends in Mobile App Development in Upcoming Year 2020

Here In this blog, We are introducing you to the nine latest mobile app development trends in 2020 that will transform the future of mobile app development. Whether you are a startup, a product company, an app development company or a mobile app developer you should know about evolving mobile app development trends in this market.

Here are the top Latest Trends in Mobile App Development:

  • Instant Apps
  • Swift Language – The Demanding Language
  • Mobile Payment Technology
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Android Instant Apps:
We might have so many apps installed on our smartphones, but we use only a few of them. The result? All unused apps end up eating valuable storage space on devices. According to a report by TechCrunch, smartphone users use only nine apps on average on a daily basis.

To solve this issue, Google has launched a new feature for Android devices called Android Instant Apps. Android Instant Apps are the best solution. It enables a user to use an app by tapping on it rather than installing it on the phone. Users can access the app through Google Play Store, and later if you find that the app is useful, users can download it on your device.

Another rising mobile app development trends are the invention of wearable gadgets such as the Apple Watch, and Microsoft Hololens. You can connect these devices to respective applications on your phone so that you can get optimal benefits from claims related to sports, workouts, fashion, hobbies, and healthcare.

Swift Programming Languages

Swift programming languages is the demanding language, used to create mobile apps while cutting down total costs quickly. As compared to other conventional words, these languages include several advanced features, including Interactive Playgrounds – which offer developers the option to edit a particular snippet of the code, without having to recompile the whole system.

Swift is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm, compiled programming language developed by Apple Inc. for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, etc.

Mobile Payment Technology on Higher Side

M-commerce has made a phenomenal growth in recent years, it has been growing at an unprecedented rate, thanks to mobile apps. E-com giants such as Amazon and Flipkart have made a jump in their business by launching personalized apps that enable users to shop at ease from anywhere.

These online portals have secure payment gateways such as Paytm etc which allow money transactions with ease. Mobile payments are not only more flexible and convenient, and easy, but they are extra safe and can be connected to any of your banks. Banking platforms will not be left behind, especially when it comes to mobile app development.
The growth of e-commerce and other digital services will necessitate the banks to make payment methods more convenient and easy.

The beauty of such applications is that end-users will be saved the trouble of visiting the banking halls to get the money.

Nowadays, people don’t have much time to go and pay for shops or to share money with families and friends so, in the coming years, more and more people will be going to digital methods where the transfer of funds and transactions becomes a cakewalk.

Accelerated Mobile Pages
There are 2 key players in the AMP scope: Google and the Guarding. Basically, this platform support work scrutinizes the performance and loading speed of the pages. From here, the applications will be ranked accordingly on mobile application optimization.

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is the shorter variant of the HTML that helps in high-performance processing, and faster loading of the pages. This helps the website to better the app ranking and gain higher traffic and visibility.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning While Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning both have been there since the 70s, it is only recently that these technologies have undergone a significant breakthrough. AI-ML has, in fact, revamped the mobile app development industry.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), the future of technology, and Machine Learning (ML) have revolutionized the way machines interact with humans. AI not only enhances user engagement but also boosts business growth and user engagement.

Now AI is, however, not limited to bots alone. Voice search, predictive text typing, recommendation engines, behavioral targeting, and many others, all are examples of how AI-ML has made their way into mobile applications.

AI-ML make the apps ‘smarter’ by providing the best customization that is necessary, and a prerequisite for creating a highly personalized user experience.

Artificial Intelligence has been successful in creating a huge influence simplifying the services and the bidding process. When AI gets collaborated with machine learning, it can do wonders for any business in getting valuable data, and real-time analytics.

In upcoming years, chatbots will highly take over various communications aspects in the mobile app development world. Part of this is assigned to the need to have real-time interaction between service providers and customers.

This technology (chatbots)circumvents the need to have human-to-human interaction in various fields. Nowadays, the top companies are making a profit partly because of customer engagement. There is a tendency of mobile users to abandon mobile apps after a while. That is why chatbots are expected to tackle this issue.

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