Mr. Nemi Chand Mangal

Co-founder & Managing director

Mr. Nemi holds the office of Managing director and Technology Head of open source development & Information Management business unit.

With his vast experience of Framework world & Information Management helps customers derive valuable insights out of integrated information by bringing together the combined expertise of Framework, Analytics, Business Intelligence, Performance Management and Information Management.

With over 10 years of vast experience of Mr. Nemi has in the field of IT, it also includes the expertise knowledge of consulting, application and technology development spanning multiple industry segments and diverse technology areas.

Mr. Nemi has been involved in defining enterprise architectures for organizations that included technical models, transformation program definitions and governance models.

He has spearheaded due diligence exercises in CRM for customers and also managed large project implementations in a global delivery model.

He holds a Master of information Technology degree in Information Technologies.

Mr. Anil Jain

Co-founder & CEO & Executive Director

Mr. Anil Jain is holding the office Executive Director of the company. He is also the CEO & Co-Founder of this company.

His expertise include technology strategy planning, technology incubation through Center’s of Excellence, business Innovation using futuristic technologies, technical stream & IP management, and technology alliances in advanced areas with industry and academic forums.

Mr. Anil has vast calibrated experience of IT industry and his business experience brings the excellent depth of technology to WDP.

His areas of work experience are process & technology integration, data modeling & analytics, pattern recognition, distributed computing, Internet security and machine to machine collaboration.

He has strong expertise in architectural frameworks, product life cycle management, incubation management and large transnational project management.

Prior to WDP, he has worked in various organizations in various technology & business leadership positions.

He holds a Master of information Technology degree in Information Technologies And Master in Business Administration.



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