Joomla Development

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Joomla! is an advanced yet simple to manage open source management system written in MYSQL and PHP. This PHP-based CMS allows web administrators to build all ranging from simple websites to complex applications.

Important Features of Joomla:

  • RSS Feeds
  • Printable Page Versions
  • Page Caching
  • Web Indexing
  • Forums
  • Polls
  • Website Searching
  • Language Internationalization
  • Newsflashes
  • Blogs
  • Calendars

WDP Technologies offers the following joomla solution :

  • Joomla custom template design services and custom design services
  • Joomla component and module development
  • Joomla eCommerce
  • Integrate other web applications using Joomla
  • Hire Joomla designer / Hire Joomla programmer
  • Joomla SEO

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