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YII is pronounced as “yee”, and stands for “Yes It Is!”. Unlike other component based PHP frameworks. It is a PHP framework with fast, secure and high performance. YII has error handling and logging features in-built. Yii has become one of the most popular and efficient web application development framework which has been especially designed for sophisticated enterprise applications like ecommerce solutions.

Why use YII:

  • Fast and Secure
  • It is developer- friendly
  • Comfortable with third party code
  • Uses MVC for application development

At WDP Technologies we are not just a team of highly enthusiastic professionals but also efficient and experienced individuals who know the potential of Yii – the ultimate open source technology that can empower enterprises to make a vigorous comeback in the market of web application development once again.

Services we offer in YII Development

  • Custom YII website development
  • YII web application development
  • YII portal development
  • Maintenance & Support

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