The Best Web Design Tools of 2018

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The Best Web Design Tools of 2018

Being a web designer is not an easy task, staying up to date with the newest tools, frameworks and working with customers is just the tip of the iceberg. All website designer search best tools that can not only make the unique and best design but can also be the proper tool to do their job. By using these web design tools you can save money and time. We’ve crafted a quick list of some of the best tools that we’ve found in 2018 to help website designers find cool new tools to make their lives better.

WDP Technologies provide affordable innovative web designing services for all individual, startups and big enterprises. Here a team of the expert designer which are expertise on every web design tools along with the great experience of HTML and CSS.


The sketch is a vector-based design tool which assists you design interfaces intuitively and quickly. You make the finest design using sketch tool. Sketch interface is very simple and users can easily get used to it. Also, it helps users to make some innovative and creative pixel-perfect designs.

Web flow

The web flow is a digital design tool designed for digital designers. It includes full CMS engine, hosting, and client access if you create websites for clients. You can easily customize the site HTML / CSS without coding knowledge according to customer’s requirements. Web flow contains many features that will help you build catchy designs; it provides you more than you need.


Avocode makes it extremely easy for web designers to code websites or apps from Photoshop or Sketch designs and turn them into unique design. It act as a bridge between Developers and Designers. As Avocode Co-Founder Vu Hoang Anh says, “It gives users everything they need for coding – a preview of the design, and access to all layers and export assets,”


Figma is an interface design tool that enables multiple designers to co function in real-time. It’s available in the browser, or on Windows, Mac or Linux, and there are both free and paid versions depending on what you use it for.


Interactive graphics also help to change content weighty and uninteresting website into Sometimes handing over design assets to developers can be a bit of a struggle. Zeplin mitigates this agonizing experience by translating Photoshop or Sketch files into a free Mac, Windows or web-based app. The best part of Zeplin is that it gives quick reference for the colors, dimensions and fonts from your designs.

Adobe XD

Adobe XD is the newest design program. This is a strong replacement to Photoshop since it’s made precisely for prototyping and mockup design. Presently XD still hasn’t caught up to Sketch, but it’s certainly growing and it has a committed team behind the program. It’s something you’ll at least want to try once in 2018.


As creative director at No Divide Dan Edwards says “Affinity by Serif has been entitled as “Photoshop Killer” by some, and it’s easy to say why” This application gives one of most amazing, powerful designs with all the features. There are some amazing features, including adjustable, nondestructive layers. This actually means one can adjust images or vectors without damaging them. It could be a real competitor to Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch.

These are some of the best design resources you be testing. But technology changes and new tools come out all the time. If you have a got an active web design tool that has not been listed here, please mention it in the comments below. Also, you can share your experience if you love these tools.