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HTML is emerging as a growing trend and turning out to be a most promising platform for businesses.

…HTML is compatible with multiple platforms and browsers for an enriching user experience.

HTML is at the root of static web design. Many prefer HTML design for their websites, as this website type does not need to be updated frequently. HTML programmers use this programming language because of its easy application to create innovative websites and serve the clients’ commercial needs. Static websites or HTML websites contain simple graphics, minimum script, linked pages and plain text. HTML design for websites is quick to develop, easy to host and search engine friendly

Our experts team of WDP Infosolutions makes your website more responsive website and most adaptable to changes. By utilizing HTML for website development, which offers many benefits as compared to the old version of HTML .WDP web designing team expertise in building websites using the latest version HtML5with full cross browser support.

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HTML is a strong tool that provides a platform for the development of feature-rich websites with attractive designs. It is, you can say the most easy-to-learn popular programming language with which any kind of website can be developed quickly with flexibility. To use the features of HTML, our expert, experienced and professional developers play a very important role. Our developers are able to write conceptualized codes that are compatible with many browsers and search engines with the standard of WEB 2.0.

Cross-browser compatibility is important, so the HTML Editor gives you the option to add up to 10 different browsers and then open them from inside the program.

Certain characters have to be formatted as HTML entities in order to render properly. The Characters tab lets you insert these entities with a click of your mouse.

Website Projects help keep your website organized, all but eliminating broken links and incorrectly referenced images.

The built-in Validate HTML tool opens the W3C markup validation service in your default web browser.

HTML and CSS code completion virtually eliminates unclosed tags and typos; it even serves up the selectors from every referenced CSS file.

The HTML Editor comes with 10 new, professionally designed themes. Preview them before you apply them to your pages in the snazzy new Theme Chooser.

In HTML you can create links, sounds, pictures and text in a one place and save the file in .html or .htm extension. Normally, HTML tags come in pairs like (start tag) and (end tag).
In HTML we use “html tags “to create html document. There are a start tag and end tag for everything. HTML allows you to images and objects to be embedded and like this you are able to create desired web pages. And web browser’s work is to read the HTML document and display the same as a web page.

  • HTML is easy to use and understand
  • HTML helps to save the money to an owner
  • HTML helps to save Time too
  • The modification of the website is easy
  • All browsers support HTML
  • HTML and XML syntax is very similar
  • Maintain Quality of the design
  • HTML is most search engine friendly
  • In most cases, HTML is all you need

Hypertext Markup Language is the full form of HTML. HTML is not a programming language it is a markup language which is easy to use and simple language to create static web pages. By using HTML we can create various attractive websites. You can learn HTML as it is very easy to learn. Maximum tool used for website designing in HTML.

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. This is the basic format for the scripting language that is used to construct the Web. The latest version of HTML (HTML 4.01) was developed by WHATWG (Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group). They are now working on a revised version called HTML5 which focuses on the needs of application developers along with resolving issues found in the previous versions of HTML. Here is an example of what the current HTML code would look like if you were adding an image.

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