Offshore Software Product Development

We enable our clients to innovate faster and optimize the realization of innovation by ensuring Accessibility, Agility and Accountability throughout the life cycle of the product.

…Competitive pressures, shorter delivery time and cut time-to-market and globalization are key factors that drive product companies to take the outsourcing route.

WDP provides Software Product Development Services to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) worldwide. Following the mantra of “Innovation is the key to success of any software product”, we have helped our clients in shaping their vision and realizing their goal with optimum ROI.
Product engineering is not about following a set of processes, but calls for lots of experience and expertise. Product development involves constantly innovating new ideas, keeping pace with customer expectations, adapting to ever changing technologies, shrinking time and cost margins and adjusting to transforming engagement models, resulting in high quality software. And that is WDP’s forte.

Our software product engineering practices involve proven processes, well chosen development methodologies, highly productive development tools, flexible communication methods, excellent management tools and agile product development. We enable our clients to innovate faster and optimize the realization of innovation by ensuring Accessibility, Agility and Accountability throughout the life cycle of the product.
Our Software Product Development Offerings Include:

  • Translating product vision into product definition and building proof of concept
  • Analyzing the system requirements and documenting in form of SRS
  • Architecting and designing the product using industry-standard design tools and documentation templates
  • Developing the product based on most suitable & proven methodologies
  • Extensive testing & QA to ensure bug-free and bespoke end product
  • Making your software product to be SaaS enabled, if desired
  • Mobile enablement for your product allowing you to distribute it on various mobile handsets and platforms
  • Enabling cross platform (Windows/Linux/Mac) accessibility for your product

our clients says


Excellent communication with client, respectful work style. They know what to do. See you in next project 🙂

  • Outsourced software research and development
  • Offshore software product design and development
  • Full product software testing cycle
  • Customization software solutions
  • Outsourced component design and integration
  • Offshore software documentation
  • Outsourced software product support and maintenance
  • Custom software testing services which span multiple types of testing
  • Constant support for product life-cycle management i.e. adopting change requests, enhancements, troubleshooting and support
  • Re-engineering legacy products using latest technology developments
  • Faster time to market
  • Quality practices are our way of working, our attitude
  • Experienced Professionals for Support and Development
  • Thorough technical expertise in different development technologies
  • Lower development costs along with reliable and quality services
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction
  • Effective communication with 24/7 technical support
  • Dedicated Infrastructure

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