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StoryBrancher is a user-generated information website first launched in October 2014. It was created by Jeremy Cantrell and is designed for users to create, edit, and comment on pages about people, places, and things.

Origin of the Site

Jeremy first came up with the idea for the site in the summer of 2007 while reading the book, Wikinomics:
As I read about Wikipedia and the rise of other wikis, I wondered why there wasn’t something out there for collaboratively creating pages about regular people, pleaces, and things. Specifically, I was approaching the idea with my grandfather, who passed away in 2004, in mind. I thought it would have been cool to have a page about him that my family and I could have to tell his story and share memories. Wikipedia only allows pages for celebrities and “notable” people. My view was that my grandfather and everyone else is just as notable.

Concept of StoryBrancher

As explained by the site’s creator, the website was created to allow users to tell the stories of others and themselves:

The way I view it, there are two different ways to tell the story of someone or something. There is the news-like, objective method which gives only the facts, like Wikipedia. And then there are the anecdotal stories and thoughts told from a more personal and subjective perspective. So I wanted a site that combined the two methods to get to as close to the truth as possible. The main part of any article is the objective biography or history that builds a common reference point for the subject while the “branches” section is like a comments section where users can post stories, thoughts, and feelings.

Sections of a StoryBrancher Page

There are four different sections for each StoryBrancher page:

Article Section- The article section is the main part of a page and is the first thing that is created for a page by the subject. This section provides a detailed, objective description of the subject and is presented in a neutral, third-person point of view.
Branches Section- The branches section is towards the bottom of each page and is where subjective, first-person comments are posted (i.e., personal stories, etc.).
Photo Album- At the very top of each page, there is a photo album where members can post and view pictures relating to the subject of the article.


StoryBrancher membership will be available through a crowdfunding campaign in August 2016 on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

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